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Discovery Academy

MacIntyre Academies



Building on wellbeing and communication our young people need to build a whole range of skills required to function well as a valued member of society and to be independent, and successful in further/higher education and work.

All of our skills training is based on pupils achieving independence to complete daily life tasks. Pupils are taught, for example, about shopping, finance, travel, research and catering.  This is dovetailed with our PHSE curriculum looking at choices and decision making as well as community inclusion.

We recognise that developing literacy and numeracy skills are core to support successful adult life. Maths and English are taught as both discrete and embedded subjects, with small group and one to one sessions to allow pupils who are behind to catch up, and our able and gifted pupils to achieve their full potential.

Work related learning raises aspirations, promotes a greater awareness amongst pupils of the world of work and the development of key skills and employability.

Academic and vocational accreditation is available from Entry level 1 to A level.