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Discovery Academy

MacIntyre Academies

School Meals

Lunch takes place in the Dining Hall and pupils have the option to bring their own packed lunch or book school meals provided by on site caterers.  

Discovery Academy is lucky to have a full time cook, Jodi who can provide students with a hot meal daily as well as chilled alternatives.  The menu is the same each week, a copy of which is available to view/download below.

The cost of a school meal is £2.75 a day.

Discovery Academy staff are unable to heat any food brought into school from home by students. This includes meals prepared at home in advance, chilled meals available at supermarkets or anything in a packet that is required to be kept refrigerated or warm. This is to ensure none of our students are unwell as a result of consuming reheated food.

We understand the impact food and diet can have on our students, our kitchen team and Occupational Therapist are both available to work with you to find a solution to any dietary requirements.

The reason for our policy is that following information available from food safety in schools and the food standards agency we do not have the equipment to meet these two criteria:

  • All left over foods or precooked food should be reheated to 165°f within 2 hours of receipt. It should then be kept in hot food holding cabinet above 63°f and which cannot exceed over 2 hours.
  • There is a greater risk of food poisoning when reheating meals containing rice, meat or poultry due to the requirement these meals should be kept below a certain temperature.

Due to journey times to school we cannot guarantee these meals will be refrigerated and kept below this temperature within the required timescale. At present, we do not have a food holding cabinet of the type required.

Please see the attachment below our menu