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Discovery Academy

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Public Consultation to Increase Pupil Numbers

Discovery Academy is proposing to increase our total pupil numbers (PAN) to 140 and adding a new site for Key Stage 4 & 5 (Post 14)

Our consultation is now closed. The report will be posted online when it is available.

The information below outlines key questions that we think people may want to consider, the process by which people can respond, and what will happen to responses.

Background Information 
  • Discovery Academy opened in September 2015 - a specialist school for 80 children and young people with autism and/or social, emotional and mental health needs, aged 9 to 19yrs
  • Due to high levels of demand MacIntyre Academies Trust intend to lower the age range to admit children from aged 7 - 19yrs (Year 3 and up)
  • Discovery Academy admits children and young people who have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. School referrals will be through the Local Authorities who have named the school in individual children’s EHC plan.
  • The need for this school was identified by Warwickshire County Council as there are insufficient specialist school places within the county. Since the school opened Warwickshire County Council have undertaken further needs analysis and as such have asked MacIntyre Academies Trust to expand the age range of pupils 
What is being proposed? 
  • To lower the age for admission to 7years old (Year 3) from September 2019
  • To add a new Post 14 site in Nuneaton for 55 pupils
  • To increase total pupil numbers (PAN) to 140 across both sites. (85 on current site and 55 on the new site)
Why do we think this is a good idea? 
  • We want to have a separate site for Post 14 provision to enable us to offer more opportunities to existing and additional pupils.
  • The new site will be at a former studio school site in the heart of a well-linked industrial estate in Nuneaton. This will enable us to use a range of vocational learning and work experience placements. 
  • It is easily accessible by car - 10-15 minutes car journey from Discovery Academy. 
  • The new school base will also have a specific area for “trades” to include motor mechanics, brick laying and carpentry.
How will it be staffed? 
  • The new site will be a facility for our Post 14 provision and will accommodate up to 55 pupils in 7 classes with approx. 35 staff members on site.
  • The proposed staffing structure will include the following key roles: 2 Assistant Headteachers, 8 teachers, 7 HLTAs, 14 TAs, 1 Admin Assistant, 1 Family Footings Facilitator, 1 Compassionate Schools Coach, 1 Premises Officer.
  • It is envisaged that some key staff will work on and across both sites eg Principal, Business manager, Safeguarding Lead, OT, Subject leads.
  • New staff will have a contract covering both sites; existing will not be forced to work across both.
  • The site will governed and managed by the same team as Discovery Academy with the same Local Advisory Board. Both sites will work closely together – operating as one school on two locations.

  • The Principal will be at the site frequently 3 or 4 times a week as a guide. The senior and middle leadership teams will expand to accommodate the increase in staff and students


Impact on Children and Young People 
  • Transition into Post 14 will be supported and managed for each young person according to their specific needs. 
  • Regular movement of pupils between sites is not expected to be frequent. It may be that some classes go to the other site for a particular slot each week e.g. use the field, use the vocational area - these are the only aspects that will need to be shared. The second site has its own Science Lab and Food room.
What will change? 
  • There will be no change to the Admissions process.
  • The curriculum will continue to be broad and relevant. In addition, the new site facility will enable a greater number of vocational courses to be offered.
  • It will also allow us to broaden the number of work experience placements that will be available close to the school.
Our Vision and Ethos  

Discovery Academy provides a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment, with excellent teaching and learning and a focus on high quality personalised education and support.

The school provides a curriculum designed to follow a personalised learning approach, providing flexibility to meet the needs of all students. The school aims to know every child and young person as an individual, where their interests lie and what motivates them. This is key to their success and happiness, and to the success of the school.

Since its inception, MacIntyre Academies Trust intended for the school to evolve according to local needs, parents/carers have been fully involved and connected from the outset. Our school is also run in close partnership with Warwickshire County Council.

Read more about our vision here

Actions arising from the consultation 

All responses received will be read and considered by the Trust Board directors, and will be documented in the consultation’s Summary Report.

This will be submitted to the Secretary of State to allow her to consider it as she draws up the Funding Agreement for the school.

A summary of the findings will be published at a later date on this website and the MacIntyre Academies Trust website.


Your views are important to us, please complete this online questionnaire

If you prefer a paper copy please contact the School Office.

 This public consultation will commence 3rd October 2018 until 2nd November 2018. All responses will need to be received by that date to be included in the consultation findings.