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PE and Sports Premium

The allocation and impact of PE and Sports Premium funding.

The funding for the Physical Education curriculum has predominantly been used to introduce new sports and activities to our youngest students to increase participation and engagement. This is allocated to Discovery to support the physical development and health of our primary aged learners – Years 5 and 6.

Funding has been used in many areas such as tennis, judo and street dance where qualified coaches have worked with staff to introduce students to new and different sports to learn and develop new skills whilst maintaining enjoyment.

2019-20 Money received £11,000

The KS2 timetable continues to work well, with PE both on and off site. A number of our younger learners have accessed horse riding on a Wednesday morning at the Galley Common centre for riding for the disabled.

Forest Schools has become embedded into our routines and we have trained more staff. Two more at Level 3 (£1,600) and a first aid course. We are midst developing an outdoor learning area on our field with space for fires, yoga, archery and mindfulness. We have obtained 400 saplings to boost the forestation from the woodland trust and hope to grow our own veg.

Off site Years 5 and 6 continued with Forest Schools and Boxing before the Covid lockdown.

On site they have attended rugby with the Wasps community coaching programme. In addition, we have funded equipment for Dodgeball, Basketball and Badminton. The playground was marked out for football and basketball to enhance the purchase of goals / hoops financed through a charitable trust donation.

2018-19 Money received £13,000

The KS2 timetable continued to include activities listed for 2016-17 with the same approximate costs. We withdrew the external football coaching as we had enough expertise in newly appointed school staff to run this. In addition we used external providers for bikeability, Bhangra Dancing and ….
Our learners struggled to engage with the Prince William external leads as they were strangers, had a different approach to our staff and due to the weekly nature of sessions struggled to build and maintain effective working relationships. Therefore for 2018-19 we introduced Forest Schools on a Monday afternoon for the KS2 class.

Staff training for this cost a total of £2,172, which is obviously an investment for future years and was good value when comparted to the Prince William costs of 2017-18.
This was 2 staff at Level 3 (£799), one at level 2 (£449) and a Forest school specific first aid course (£125).
We invested £7,000 in two outside table tennis tables for the school – obviously not exclusively for Years 5 and 6 but they are able to access them in their break and at lunchtimes.

The success of using Nuneaton Gymnastics also meant we decided to build on this and were ever so excited to be visited by Becky and Ellie Downie (GB Olympic gymnasts) in February 2018. They ran excellent workshops at school and in Weddington as well as talking in a motivational and inspirational way about training, goals and dedication.

2017-18 Money received £16,170

The KS2 timetable continued to include activities listed below with the same approximate costs. In addition we used external providers for bikeability
Daily lunchtime clubs were introduced as well as an after school club on Tuesdays. Badminton and Volleyball in particular.
KS 2 children took part in activities led by the Prince William award each Tuesday afternoon – total cost about £6,000.


2016-17 Money received £8,085

Costs & Impact

£45 hour        1.5 hours a week all year round                              Total spend - £2,350

An off-site activity that every student has had an opportunity to be involved with for at least half a term. Gymnastics has developed student’s physical and sensory needs. Our support staff working alongside the coaches has helped students learn and develop their communication and resilience.

The success of gymnastics led our Family Footings team to work with Nuneaton gymnastics and organise out of school events for pupils and their families. This has helped families engage and interact with each other building positive relationships; the gymnastics provided an activity families could do together.

£36 session    1 sessions a week all year round                            Total spend - £1,440

As a school we have no pool and we value swimming not only as a compulsory element of KS2 PE but an essential life and social skill. We transport the children to AT7, one of our local Sports Centres. KS 2 Children having swimming lessons weekly for half the year, in 3 x half term blocks. They also have the option to swim “socially” in the alternate half terms. This has developed class bonds, friendships and confidence.

£20 hour        1 x 6 week block                                                       Total Spend - £120

This facilitated some street dance off site for half a term. A bit of a fun in a busy week.

£25 hour        1 x 6 week block                                                       Total Spend - £150

An introduction to tennis for KS2 in the summer term.

£40 hour        1 x 6 week block                                                       Total Spend - £725

An introduction to non-contact for some students in the spring term. This was really good for developing confidence, quick reactions and a sense of discipline.


Horse Riding  4 children
£20 hour per child    Weekly all year round                                   Total Spend - £3,200

Football Coaching (Fridays 10.15 – 11.15)
£40 hour                    Weekly Autumn & Spring terms                  Total Spend - £800

TOTAL - £8,785