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Discovery Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Covid-19 Catch Up Premium

Initial Plans November 2020

Aims: To restore feelings of safety and belonging. To boost exam candidates’ ability to work remotely from school. To restore confidence in their future for CYP who are worried about the uncertainty of Covid.

Methods: To undertake individual work that will boost wellbeing and resilience by using individual interests, physical exercise, music and music technology, role-modelling and mentoring, £12,000. Additional resources - £300

Purchase GCSE pod online learning , £700. Provide laptops / net books as necessary – up to £5,000
Increase our Careers support and guidance with additional consultation time and resources, £1000.
Staff training budget – up to £2,000

Students supported:
GCSE support: Classes X, Y, V, O and P16 – 38 in total
Careers: V, O and P16 – 20 in total
1-1 Strategies available across the school (NoR 94)